Sia Pharma



In manufacturing, most of the cost-efficiency comes through brilliant minds making optimum use of correct instruments, equipment and machinery to produce high quality and certified pharmaceuticals. It won’t be wrong to state that drug manufacturing is one of the most competitive markets and a rather difficult one to survive. A great deal of manufacturing expertise along with a robust infrastructure stands must to succeed in this field.

We at Sia Pharma Pvt. Ltd. have one of the indomitable manufacturing sites for pharmaceutical product in Sonepat, Haryana. Our team comes with a long and successful record of manufacturing high quality and certified finished pharmaceutical dosages for numerous therapies. We have been proudly producing a huge range of certified tablets, capsules and semi-solid preparations for cure of cardiovascular, respiratory, arthritic, bacterial, diabetic, pyretic, gastronomical, psychotic diseases as well as vitamin deficiencies.

Our laboratories are equipped with modern and innovative GPM certified facilities that help our experienced team pharma experts in creating the best pharmaceutical dosages. We work under WHO-GPM guidelines to adhere to world class standards for producing world class products. Our manufacturing process is performed under acute monitoring, standard determination, analysing of collected data and constant innovation.

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